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January, 01

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January, 1, 1869 A.D.:
Iran Joins International Teleghraph Union

12 years after invention of telegraph, in 1857, Iran was admitted to the International Telegraph Union. In March 1858, the first test message was transmitted that contained a short piece of literature thanking God. Right after that, cabling started between the Ark Palace until the Lalezar Garden and... Read Full Article:


January, 1, 1925 A.D.:
Soviets Play Game Of Geography

Three years after Russia became the Soviet Union, it was announced that Marv, Bukhara and other northeastern regions of the greater Khorasan that were indeed the cradle of Persian culture, history, and literature were kept Tajiks in the Badakhshan region to be separated from mainland. The idea was t... Read Full Article:


January, 1, 1950 A.D.:
Iranian President Of UN General Assembly

(Wikipedia) - Nasrollah Entezam was an Iranian diplomat who held the position of the President of the United Nations General Assembly during the fifth session, from January 1, 1950 – January 1, 1951. Entezam was the leader of the Iranian delegation at UN and had been the permanent representative o... Read Full Article:


January, 1, 2000 A.D.:
Ministry of Commerce Founded

The Ministry of Commerce of Iran was formed on January 1, 2000 under President Mohammad Khatami. It was the main organ of the government in charge of regulation and implementation of policies applicable to domestic and foreign trade. Its goals included:• Implementing commercial strategies and regu... Read Full Article:

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