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January, 07

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January, 7, 838 A.D.:
Babak Khorramdin Executed

Babak Khorramdin introduced a new social and religious doctrine and rose against the Abbasi Caliphate with a revolutionary movement that stormed through north and northwest Iran. Babak was finally defeated by Caliph Forces leaded by a fellow Iranian general named Afshin the son of Kavoos. While he w... Read Full Article:


January, 7, 1966 A.D.:
Iraq-Iran Kurdish Clash

Relations between Iraq and Iran have been tense occasionally. One of the most pressing issues between the two nations is the Kurdish people living in a hardly policed mountainous area between Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Kurds in Iraq, led by Mustafa Barzani and seeking autonomy, have been in rebe... Read Full Article:


January, 7, 1968 A.D.:
Wrestling Champion Takhti Found Dead

Gholamreza Takhti, the most famous wrestler in the Iranian history was found dead on Jan, 7, 1968 in his room at the Atlantic hotel in Tehran.Takhti was born on Aug, 27, 1930 in a poor family in Khaniabad district of Tehran. He barely finished 9th grade at school and continued his life as an athlete... Read Full Article:

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