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February, 22

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February, 22, 560 A.D.:
Avar Invaders Defeated

Border patrol units of the Iranian army defeated invading Avar forces that were trying to intrude the Iranian territory. Avars tried again the following year through the western coasts of the Caspian sea but they were defeated again and forced towards Europe were they galloped and ravaged until they... Read Full Article:


February, 22, 1828 A.D.:
Infamous Turkmenchai Agreement

Iran was the loser of a war with Russia that lasted for two years. Russian generals threatened the Shah with conquering Tehran unless Iran accepted their peace treaty. By Turkmenchai treaty, Iran accepted giving Armenia, Nakhjevan and Talesh khanates to the Russians. Just like the Gulistan treaty T... Read Full Article:


February, 22, 1927 A.D.:
First Fatal Car Accident In Iran

Gholamhossein Darvish aka Darvish Khan, a famous Iranian musician of the time became the first victim of a car accident in Iran. Automobiles had recently been introduced to Iranian streets and the total number of cars did not exceed 50. Therefore there was no obligation for having a driving license ... Read Full Article:


February, 22, 2011 A.D.:
Iran warships sail via Suez Canal

(BBC) - Iran warships sail via Suez Canal amid Israeli concern. The Iranian supply vessel and Iranian frigate are the first to go through the Suez Canal since 1979Two Iranian warships have sailed through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea, canal officials say.Iranian officials have said the war... Read Full Article:

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