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March, 11

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March, 11, 522 B.C.:
Gaumata Revolts Or Was He Bardia?

Cambyses had a reign full of speculations. Some historians say he married his own sister Atoosa, assassinated his own brother Bardia, killed the sacred Apis bull of Egypt, burnt the body of Amasis 2, and committed suicide in 522 BC; to this account he was mentally sick. On the other hand it's certai... Read Full Article:


March, 11, 388 A.D.:
Bahram IV Becomes King

After the death of Shapour 3, Bahram 4 his brother( or his son according to some accounts) ascended the Sassanid throne. Because Bahram IV used to be the governor of Kerman, his was known as Kermanshah meaning king of Kerman (not to be confused with the city of Kermanshah)He signed a peace treaty wi... Read Full Article:


March, 11, 1502 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Becomes King

After 12 years of fighting with over 50 tribal, and regional leaders, the coronation ceremony of Shah Ismail, the founder of the Safavid dynasty took place in Tabriz. By declaring Shiite, the official faith he created a new center of power among Muslims. His other source of power came from being Tur... Read Full Article:


March, 11, 1946 A.D.:
Historian Ahmad Kasravi murdered

The famous Iranian historian Ahmad Kasravi and his assistant were stabbed to death at the Tehran courtyard. A plea by clerics against Kasravi was being proceeded when two of members of an extremist Islamic group attacked him with knives. On July, 17, 1951, Navvab Safavi and 3 other fellow members th... Read Full Article:

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