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March, 12

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March, 12, 1447 A.D.:
Shahrokh Mirza Teimuri Dies

Shahrokh Mirza AKA Shah Rukh (Timurid Dynasty), the fourth son of Teimur from an Iranian mother was born on Aug, 30, 1377 and took his father's place in 1405 when he was 28. He ruled over Iran for 42 years from capital Herat. After his father's death, each of his brothers and nephews proclaimed them... Read Full Article:


March, 12, 1947 A.D.:
Iran In The Truman Doctrine

The Context of Harry S.Truman's speech in Congress on March, 12, 1947 which was later named as the Truman Doctrine, was based on strategic position of Turkey and Greece and Middle East Petroleum as the fundamentals of the U.S. policy which also viewed imposing Totalitarian regimes on nations by dire... Read Full Article:

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