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March, 18

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March, 18, 1930 A.D.:
Iran Switches To Rial

Rial became the new Iranian currency replacing Gheran on March, 18, 1930. First Iranian coins date back to 564 B.C when the Achaemenid king Cyrus The Great started issuing coins in Sardes. Dariush The Great issued Daric (gold coin) and Shekel (silver coin) around 516 B.C. which were used all over th... Read Full Article:


March, 18, 2000 A.D.:
U.S. Ends A Few Sanctions Imposed On Iran

As a Norooz gesture, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright announced lifting a few economic sanctions against Iran and declared a commitment to take extensive steps toward ending two decades of hostility. It was the most explicit overture towards normalizing economic ties with Iran. It signaled... Read Full Article:


March, 18, 2003 A.D.:
Iran-Iraq Exchange POWs

(IRNA) – On the eve of the US-led invasion of Iraq, Iran and Iraq finalized the exchange of prisoners of war (POWs), the official IRNA news agency reported Wednesday, Match, 19, 2003. Four countries participated with troops during the initial invasion of Iraq, which lasted from March, 19 to April,... Read Full Article:

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