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March, 24

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March, 24, 721 A.D.:
Failed Attempts To Revive Sassanid Dynasty

Pooshan, a Sassanid prince declared himself the king a century after Arab invasion. He managed to gather some followers around himself but could not succeed in creating a powerful army. 4 years later in March 725 another Sassanid prince Khosrau, one of grandsons of Yazdgerd 3 proclaims kingdom. He a... Read Full Article:


March, 24, 809 A.D.:
Harunolrashid Dies

The fifth Abbasi Caliph Harunolrashid fell ill and died in Tus at the age of 46 and was buried in Mashhad. Harunolrashid's reign lasted for 23 years. With help from Iranian viziers, specially using teachings of Yahya Barmaki, he could give the Caliphate rule, the theme of an empire and turned Baghda... Read Full Article:


March, 24, 1877 A.D.:
Hot Air Balloons In Tehran Skies

Naseroddin Shah, in his memoires describes the balloon event enthusiastically. Five hours to the sunset, two balloons went up in the air in front of a school. He watched the spectacular event from above the Shamsolemareh building. His Harem was also watching the show from the roof of their Andaroon ... Read Full Article:


March, 24, 1922 A.D.:
Cleric School Founded In Qom

The school of Islamic theology, Feyziyeh was founded in the city of Qom by Sheikh Abdolkarim Haeri Yazdi. This institution somehow turned the small city of Qom into Iran's version of Vatican and the center for educating Shiite clerics. The foundation of this school also known as Howzeye Elmiyeh, als... Read Full Article:


March, 24, 2007 A.D.:
UNSC Resolution #1747: Second Sanctions

Following the resolution #1737, the UNSC resolution #1747 which was passed on March, 24, 2007 was built on its previous decision to impose sanction on Tehran by banning arms exports from Iran and freezing financial assets some individuals and entities. The resolution takes into account some of the c... Read Full Article:

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