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March, 25

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March, 25, 1768 B.C.:
Zarathustra is born

Zoroaster, the great philosopher and prophet, and founder of Zoroastrianism was born in Urmia. Although there's a debate on the place and year of his birth, Zoroastrians commonly agree that he was born on 6th of Farvardin or March, 25. The legend goes; right after Zoroaster was born he burst into la... Read Full Article:


March, 25, 441 A.D.:
Yazdgerd 2. Declares War On Roman Empire

2 years after disappearance of his father Bahram V (Goor), Yazdgerd 2 became king and on March, 25, 441 declared war on Rome because Romans were piling up in northern parts of Iran and were inciting Armenians for revolt against Sassanid government. Yazdgerd 2 was a Zoroastrian zealot that was under ... Read Full Article:


March, 25, 624 A.D.:
Byzantine Assault On Persia

(Wikipedia) - In 624 A.D., Heraclius offered peace to Sassanian emperor Khosrau Parviz, threatening otherwise to invade Persia, but Khosrau rejected the offer. On March 25, 624, Heraclius left Constantinople to attack the Persian heartland. To do this, he willingly abandoned any attempt to secure hi... Read Full Article:

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