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April, 01

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April, 1, 515 B.C.:
Temple Of The Jews Inaugurated

After liberation of Babylon, Jews who had been enslaved and displaced from Jerusalem were freed. The policy of tolerance and understanding towards religious beliefs was very remarkable during the Achaemenid Empire. Cyrus The Great ordered payment of necessary funds to the Jews to rebuild their Temp... Read Full Article:


April, 1, 2 B.C.:
Farhad 4 Murdered

Farhad IV of Parthia was poisoned by his Italian wife Thermusa and her younger son. Farhad IV ascended the throne in 37 B.C. after his brother's death. He then killed his father and 30 of his brothers, seen as rivals. In 36 B.C. the Roman general Marc Anthony invaded Parthia but he was defeated in A... Read Full Article:


April, 1, 1957 A.D.:
PM Ala Resigns Over Murders

Prime Minister Hossein Ala submitted his resignation following murder of three Americans in Baluchestan.The attack took place in the southeastern city of Iranshahr on March, 24, 1957. Two Americans and their Iranian drivers were killed in an ambush and an American woman named Anita Carroll was kidna... Read Full Article:


April, 1, 1979 A.D.:
Referandum From Monarchy To Republic

After a referendum that took place on two consequent days, a great majority of Iranians voted for a change of regime from Monarchy to Islamic Republic. According to published records in this referendum 20,288,000 people voted "Yes" and 241,000 people voted "No" at the poll. Ayatollah Khomeini's decl... Read Full Article:

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