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April, 03

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April, 3, 404 B.C.:
Artaxerxes 2. Becomes King

After death of Dariush 2 Nothus, his son Ashk from queen Parysatis became the new king. His throne name was Artaxerxes 2 Mnemon. But his accession to the throne was not easy as civil war began and Artaxerxes' brother Cyrus the younger revolted but was defeated at Cunaxa near Babylon. Amyrtaeus revol... Read Full Article:


April, 3, 628 A.D.:
Khosrau Parviz Executed

The Iranian king Khosrau Parviz who was imprisoned in the Tisfun palace was executed on this day after a decision by generals, noblemen and his own son Shirouyeh. His reign was disastrous for Iranians because of unnecessary actions such as deployment of armed forces to Egypt, disrespecting Christian... Read Full Article:


April, 3, 1742 A.D.:
Ottomans Declare War

The third and final phase of clashes between Iran and the Ottomans began after a series of negotiations between the two states were not settled. The Ottomans wanted to set up a puppet king, a Safavid pretender who proclaimed Shah of Iran and was kept in Izmir for some time. Then he was sent to Erzur... Read Full Article:


April, 3, 2007 A.D.:
Kidnapped Iranian Diplomat Released

Jalal Sharafi, an Iranian diplomat who was taken hostage during a kidnapping in 2007 was released on Tuesday, April, 3 2007, and walked back into the Iranian embassy in Baghdad.It remains unclear whether the release of the 15 British naval personnel on April, 4, 2007 had any connection with the rele... Read Full Article:

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