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April, 05

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April, 5, 52 A.D.:
Balash Was Elected King

Balash was elected king from among many rival princes by Mehestan. Balash chose his brother Tirdad as the king of Armenia. This action angered the Romans starting a war that lasted for almost 8 years but fortunately ended in a peace treaty. Tirdad who was a clever and brave politician met Nero in pe... Read Full Article:


April, 5, 1578 A.D.:
Ottomans Invade Iranian Territory

After 23 years of peace, the Ottoman army entered Kafkas area and in multiple battles captured around 590,000 km.sq of the Iranian territory. Tbilisi fell on Aug, 24 and Shirvan was conquered on Sep, 9. The war continued until Daghestan was seized on Aug, 15, 1583 by the invading army. The chain of ... Read Full Article:


April, 5, 1913 A.D.:
Earthquake Devastates Boinzahra

More than 1200 residents of Boinzahra were killed in an earthquake that turned the city into rubble. In 1962 another earthquake took place in the same area that had more casualties. The shocks were felt in capital Tehran. Iran is situated on the earthquake line and earthquakes are seen frequently.... Read Full Article:


April, 5, 1925 A.D.:
Mohammad Ali Shah Dies In Italy

Mohammad Ali Shah of Qajar dynasty died in Italy at the age of 54. He had been diagnosed with diabetes. He ascended the throne after the death of his father Mozaffaroddin Shah. It was the peak of the public movement calling for Conditional Monarchy in Iran. However he could not cope with the turmoil... Read Full Article:

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