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April, 09

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April, 9, 744 A.D.:
Behafarid Revolts

Born in Rozan village Behafarid was a prophet who brought a new religion that was a mixture of Islam and Zoroastrianism. His call started gathering many followers among people who were disappointed from the Caliph rule. Speaking Persian had been banned and one who disobeyed was punished brutally. Be... Read Full Article:


April, 9, 1996 A.D.:
Party Of God Strikes Israel Back

Iranian backed Hezbollah resistance army fired Katyusha rockets on Israel, as a response to massive air raids that caused many civilian casualties, Hezbollah thus waged a war in a relentless campaign to drive Israeli occupiers out of southern Lebanon. Founded after an Israeli invasion in 1982, Hezbo... Read Full Article:

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