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April, 17

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April, 17, 647 B.C.:
Assyrians Destroy Susa

The notorious army of Ashur Banipal captured Susa and razed it to ground. The Assyrians had built a very strong army that ruled over a vast area without any tolerance for other civilizations. Their source of wealth was plundering the weak and not let them regain power. They enslaved many nations inc... Read Full Article:


April, 17, 1964 A.D.:
Civil Disorder In Fars, Troops Deployed

The Tehran radio announced that armed insurgents related to Ghashgha tribe simultaneously attacked several police stations in the Fars province at the same time. During the raids some people were killed and injured. The government announce deployment of troops to the region including the 4th gendarm... Read Full Article:


April, 17, 2010 A.D.:
Tehran International Conference on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

(Wikipedia) - Iran convened a conference titled "International Disarmament and Non-proliferation: World Security without Weapons of Mass Destruction" on 17 and 18 April 2010 in Tehran. The theme of the conference was Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for No one.The conference resulted in Irani... Read Full Article:

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