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April, 27

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April, 27, 630 A.D.:
Ardeshir 3. Died

Ardeshir 3 died when he was only 9 years old in mysterious way. It was the time of all kinds of conspiracy in the Sassanid royal family. People were corrupt and a power struggle had devastated the kingdom. Discrimination in a class based society that did not observe people's rights had also led to g... Read Full Article:


April, 27, 1064 A.D.:
Alparslan Ascends The Throne

After his uncle Toghrol died, he contested his brother Soleyman and ascended the throne. Alparslan was the son of Chaghri Beyk, the governor of Khorasan and took the name Mohammad when he embraced Islam. Because of his valor and fighting skills he took the name Alparslan which means brave lion. He c... Read Full Article:


April, 27, 1929 A.D.:
German Company Acquires Air Postal Concessions

On April, 27, 1929, Majlis approved a bill according to which the Minister of Post and Telegraph was authorized to award air transportation between Tehran and Mashhad to Junkers Company. Iran's first agreement with this German company dates back to 1922 when some aircrafts were imported to serve bet... Read Full Article:


April, 27, 2011 A.D.:
Amnesty International Condemns Iran Executions

(Wikipedia) - In 2011, Iran is on course for a record year in executions. In 2010, according to Amnesty International, 253 people were executed, though an additional 300 people are also believed to have been killed. In the first six months of 2011, according to Amnesty, Iran has acknowledged the exe... Read Full Article:

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