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May, 04

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May, 4, 454 B.C.:
Greeks Banned From Entering Egypt

The Iranian governor of Egypt issued an order written in three languages according to which all Greek nationals were banned from entering Egypt. Egypt was a province of Iran for 121 years. The reason for issuing such an order was that the Greek constantly provoked Egyptians for uprising and a recent... Read Full Article:


May, 4, 1515 A.D.:
Portuguese Occupy Hormoz Island

Eight years after the first invasion of the Persian Gulf by admiral Albuquerque, the Portuguese navy occupies the Hormoz island with more troops. This marks the start of western invasion of the Middle East. In a decree issued by Pope Alexander VI in 1493, eastern islands were granted to the Portugue... Read Full Article:


May, 4, 1807 A.D.:
Treaty Of Finckenstein Signed With France

The treaty of Finckenstein which was concluded between Iran and France. While France was at war with Russia and Britain, this treaty was of major importance because Napoleon recognized Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan as parts of Persia. France was to furnish Iran with arms and training in the war w... Read Full Article:


May, 4, 2003 A.D.:
Iranian Olive Branch To USA

Through the Swiss Embassy, Iran sent a letter to the US administration on May, 4th 2003.The letter included proposal for negotiations, which suggested that Iran was willing to consider far-reaching compromises on its nuclear program, relations with Hezbollah and Hamas and support for a Palestinian p... Read Full Article:

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