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May, 05

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May, 5, 1927 A.D.:
Majlis Approves National Banking Bill

In Iran, banking in its traditional form used to be done at exchange offices known as Sarraf. The idea of a national bank came up with inauguration of the Imperial Bank of Persia in 1890. However, in Qajar times major businesses were run with concessions given to foreign countries. Unfortunately, th... Read Full Article:


May, 5, 1961 A.D.:
Amini Becomes Prime Minister

Dr. Ali Amini started his term as the 67th Prime Minister of Iran on May, 5, 1961. Mohammad Reza Shah was under pressure from US President John F. Kennedy. He was a member of the National Front, but broke away from the party in 1952. His pro-American tendencies were to the extent that made even the ... Read Full Article:

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