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May, 07

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May, 7, 1881 A.D.:
The Gold Rush Of Naseroddin Shah

While Iran was being driven into its most miserable days, the ring of local and foreign spies at Naseroddin Shah's court were doing their best to keep the king busy with silly occupations. After hearing about gold mines in Russia and South Africa, Naseroddin Shah suddenly decides to invest on gold m... Read Full Article:


May, 7, 1911 A.D.:
Morgan Shuster Comes To Iran

After the French counselor Bizot was dismissed, American Morgan Shuster arrived in Tehran on May, 12, 1911. Iran had entered the 20th century officially bankrupt and all attempts to modernize the country had failed. Shuster succeeded in reorganizing the tax office in less than eight months against t... Read Full Article:

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