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May, 11

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May, 11, 1304 A.D.:
Ghazan Khan Dies

After the death of Chengiz Khan, the vast Mongol empire was divided into four pieces. The Ilkhanates founded by Hulagu Khan in 1256 ruled in Persia for 80 years. Ghazan Khan came to power in 1295. Born from a Christian mother and a Budhist father, he had converted to Islam and taken the name Mahmoud... Read Full Article:


May, 11, 1853 A.D.:
Ottoman Victory At The Battle Of Torches

The Battle of Torches was fought continuously between 8th & 11th of May, 1583, between the Ottoman and Safavid armies. The name of the battle refers to torches used during night clashes. In the first phase of the war the Ottomans had been able to conquer most of the Caucasus. Osman Pasha was appoint... Read Full Article:


May, 11, 1958 A.D.:
Khosrau Rouzbeh Executed

After a brief military tribunal, per Shah's approval, Khosrau Rouzbeh was executed. Major Rouzbeh was a communist activist who became an icon as a prodigy for his ability to escape detention several times. He continued anti regime underground activities until he was caught in a house in July, 1957. ... Read Full Article:

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