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May, 21

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May, 21, 1097 A.D.:
First Crusaders Defeat Seljuks

Following the death of Malekshah, disunity within the Seljuk realms allowed for the unexpected success of the First Crusade. Kilij Arslan established the Seljuk Rum empire and chose Iznik as his capital. After he defeated the first wave of Crusaders in 1096 and killed about 30,000 near Iznik, he hea... Read Full Article:


May, 21, 1590 A.D.:
Peace Treaty of Istanbul

The Treaty of Istanbul of 1590 or Treaty of Constantinople also known as Treaty of Farhad Pasha was a treaty between Ottoman Empire and Safavid Persia after a long war between 1577 and 1589. (Signed on the 21. of May 1590)The war began in Southern Caucasus. At the Battle of childir, the Ottoman army... Read Full Article:

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