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June, 08

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June, 8, 767 A.D.:
Ostadsis Uprising

Ostadsis started his uprising against the Caliph rule to avenge Abu Muslim's murder. Although he did not really like Abu Muslim; because the Behafarid uprising was suppressed by the very Abu Muslim. Ostadsis uprising was indeed the continuation of Behafarid uprising and they shared the same ideology... Read Full Article:

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The large Ottoman army with seventy thousand horse, and fifty thousand foot reached a spacious plain near Erivan, called Baghavard. Nader with no more than fifteen thousand men appeared on the opposite side of the plain. At dawn the Ottomans who outnumbered them eight to one, marched against Iranian... Read Full Article:


June, 8, 1977 A.D.:
Last US Ambassador Arrives In Tehran

William Healy Sullivan arrived in Tehran on June, 8, 1977.Sullivan served as the U.S. ambassador to Iran from 1977 until 1979. During this time, he played an important role in communicating U.S. wishes to Mohammad Reza Shah, the second and last Pahlavi king. In the 1970s, the U.S. had unusually high... Read Full Article:

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