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June, 09

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June, 9, 630 A.D.:
Pourandokht Becomes Queen

44 days after the mysterious death of Ardeshir 3, the army Sepahbod Shahrbaraz who was ruling the country was slain and the country entered turmoil. Khosrau 3., a nephew of Khosrau Parviz proclaimed king in Khorasan but he was slain by the governor soon after. Javanshir, a son pf Khosrau Parviz made... Read Full Article:


June, 9, 1975 A.D.:
UASF Officers Assassinated In Tehran

Tehran was shaken by assassination of two U.S. Air Force officers working with the military-assistance mission in Iran. In an Interview after a visit to the U.S., Mohammad Reza Shah called the assassins disgusting and blamed MKO for the terror plot while drawing a happy picture of Iran where farmers... Read Full Article:

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