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June, 24

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June, 24, 1955 A.D.:
New Additions To Municipality Law

The first municipality law was presented to Majlis on March, 21, 1907 and was codified in 5 chapters and under 108 headlines on June, 2, 1907. At first, the City Council members were chosen by people but after the coup in 1921, city councils went again under state control. On June, 24, 1955, both S... Read Full Article:


June, 24, 2005 A.D.:
Ahmadinejad Wins Presidential Elections

9th presidential election: Among 7 nominations accepted by the Guardian Council from 1014 candidates on May, 23, the first round of elections on June, 17 was inconclusive. 7 days later, on June, 24, the second round results showed a voter turnout of %60, and the surprise winner became Mahmoud Ahmadi... Read Full Article:

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