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July, 01

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July, 1, 522 B.C.:
Smerdis Proclaims King

When Cambyses was conquering Egypt, someone calling himself Smerdis claiming to be his brother rebelled and proclaimed king. His rule started on March, 11 and on July, 1st he formally became king. He was killed however by Dariush in Sikayauvati in Media on Sep, 29. One possible cause Smerdis quickly... Read Full Article:


July, 1, 1030 A.D.:
Mohammad Blinded By Masood Ghaznavi

Before his death, Sultan Mahmoud of the Ghaznavi dynasty had chosen Masood as the crown prince to succeed him. The Ghaznavi dynasty was founded by Saboktakin, a former slave in 977. Masood Ghaznavi who wanted to make sure that he would have no competitors for the throne, blinded his brother Mohammad... Read Full Article:


July, 1, 1251 A.D.:
Second Mongol Expedition Of Persia

According to Mongol traditions, after Kuyuk died in 1248, a tent assembly was convened to elect Mangu as the new leader.Hulagu was assigned to a great new expedition to Persia. After making necessary preparations, Hulagu started from Karakorum in July, 1252. This was the second Mongol invasion of Ir... Read Full Article:


July, 1, 1909 A.D.:
Regulations For Second Parliament Elections

Second election regulations also called 2 phase elections were approved according to which more civil participation was foreseen. All voters should own a property worth al least 250 Tomans, or their taxes paid be above 10 Tomans or they should have a yearly income of 50 Tomans or they should be educ... Read Full Article:


July, 1, 1981 A.D.:
First Iran–US Claims Tribunal Convenes

(Wikipedia) - The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal (IUSCT) is an international arbitral tribunal established out of an agreement between Iran and the United States, under an understanding known as the Algiers Accords of January 19, 1981. The Algiers Accords were the outcome of negotiations between... Read Full Article:

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