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July, 27

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July, 27, 1548 A.D.:
4th Occupation Of Tabriz By Ottomans

The Safavi army was trying to regain its power after Iraq was lost to Ottomans when Sultan Soleyman started his second Iran campaign. His first campaign started with leaving Istanbul on June,11, 1534 and ended with occupation of Baghdad and Hamedan. Firearms superiority and great war experiences gav... Read Full Article:


July, 27, 1728 A.D.:
Nader Begins Ariana Expedition

On July, 27, 1728, Nader Shah set out upon an expedition against the Afghan warlords, who had penetrated into Khorasan. He took the Behadin fortress in Sep, 9th and captured Sancan castle on 22nd when he heard the news of 7-8 thousand Afghan soldiers marching from Herat. Nader Shah used this opportu... Read Full Article:


July, 27, 1730 A.D.:
Afghan Prince Beseiges Mashhad

After Nader liberated Hamedan and Tabriz, he was moving his army towards Erivan when he heard the news that Prince Hossein had laid a siege on Mashhad. His brother Zoheireddoleh was ordered to avoid a battle with the Afghans: but he neglected the order and engaged the besiegers on Jul, 27, 1730. Aft... Read Full Article:


July, 27, 1906 A.D.:
Constitutional Monarchy Approved

It's a matter of debate which event really instigated the Constitutional Monarchy Movement but incapability and incompetence of Qajar kings was leading to disintegration of the country. The industrial and intellectual revolutions in Europe became a model for most Iranians who suffered centuries of o... Read Full Article:

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