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August, 08

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August, 8, 465 B.C.:
Artaxerxes I Makrocheir Becomes King

After Xerxes was killed, his son Artaxerxes I Makrocheir from his wife Amestris ascends the throne. During his Xerxes' reign, the expansion of the empire came to an end. Gandara and Taxila in the far east were lost. Still, the Persian empire remained the strongest power on earth with strong cultural... Read Full Article:


August, 8, 40 B.C.:
Iran Takes Syria Back From Romans

After crushing the Roman army, Iran took back Syria. The Iranian army then proceeded and liberated Palestine. After the Roman senate declared war on Iran, it took 3 years to find legionaries from all over the Roman realm including today's West Europe, Spain, North Africa, Greece and Yugoslavia.Befor... Read Full Article:


August, 8, 1991 A.D.:
Shapour Bakhtiar Slain In France

Shapour Bakhtiar, Iran's last Prime Minister before the Islamic revolution of 1979, was found dead at his home outside Paris. His throat had been cut while at least four security officers were guarding his house. Bakhtiar was appointed Prime Minister by the Shah in January 1979 in a desperate attemp... Read Full Article:


August, 8, 1998 A.D.:
Taliban Massacre Of Iranian Diplomats

After Taliban forces captured Mazar Sharif city in northern Afghanistan on Aug, 8, 1998, 11 Iranian diplomats and a reporter disappeared. It was later confirmed that 8 of the Iranian diplomats and the reporter were killed by the Taliban militia.Public reactions followed by heavy tensions and an Iran... Read Full Article:


August, 8, 2001 A.D.:
Khatami Sworn As President Again

Mohammad Khatami begins his second term in office as the president. The ceremony was delayed for several days because of a power struggle between religious conservatives and reformers for seats in the Guardian Council, The body consisting of 12 members half of which are appointed by the Supreme Lead... Read Full Article:

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