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August, 21

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August, 21, 441 A.D.:
Neishabour Becomes Capital

After making a peace deal with the Romans, Yazdgerd 2 decided to announce the city of Neishabour which was founded by Shapour I, the new capital. Iran used to have more than one capital at the same time because of vastness of the empire. The reason behind Yazdgerd's decision was creating a center in... Read Full Article:


August, 21, 2008 A.D.:
Iranian Ship Hijacked In Gulf Of Aden

(Wikipedia) - On August 21, 2008, MV Iran Deyanat, an Iranian ship, owned and operated by IRISL (The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines) was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden by 40 pirates with Kalashnikovs and RPGs. The crew of the ship numbered 29: a Pakistani captain, 14 Iranians including an eng... Read Full Article:

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