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August, 25

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August, 25, 521 B.C.:
Arakha Revolts In Babylon

Arakha claimed to be the son of Nabonidus, the last king of Babylon, proclaimed king on Aug, 25, 521 as Nebu Chadnezzar IV. He was indeed son of Haldita, an Armenian, living in Babylon. Dariush's bow carrier Intaphrenes was sent to suppress the revolt. According to the Behistun Inscription which pro... Read Full Article:


August, 25, 1941 A.D.:
Allied Powers Invade Iran

Despite the fact that Iran had declared it's neutrality during the World War II, Britain and Soviets started their invasion into Iran. Two weeks before, Britain's minister Reader Bullard and Soviet ambassador Smirnov handed the Iranian Foreign Office an ultimatum signed by both their Governments dem... Read Full Article:


August, 25, 1941 A.D.:
3 Iranians Stop The Red Army

The Red Army of USSR was stuck at the Jolfa Bridge on the Aras River. In the midst of the World War II, during the invasion of Iran by Allied Powers, while any resistance would be crushed brutally, three Iranian border guards did not yield to the Soviet invaders and did not permit them to cross the ... Read Full Article:


August, 25, 1962 A.D.:
Lindel Johnson Arrives In Tehran

Lindel Johnson who was the U.S. secretary of states arrives in Tehran to meet Mohammad Reza Shah and other Iranian authorities. Johnson was delivering advices from John F.Kennedy's administration that would lead to reforms in Iran 6 months later called the White Revolution.Lindel Johnson became U.S.... Read Full Article:

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