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September, 02

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September, 2, 1602 A.D.:
Shah Abbas Expands His Harem

On Sep, 2, 1602 Shah Abbas married a 13 years old girl, daughter of Ahmad Khan Gilani. The girl was initially engaged at childhood with Prince Safi Mirza, according to traditions. This marriage took place less than two months after a beautiful Georgian princess entered Shah's Harem. It's been narrat... Read Full Article:


September, 2, 1981 A.D.:
Interim Government Formed

The interim government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (September 2, 1981 – October 29, 1981) was established after the assassination of Mohammad Ali Rajayi (President) and Mohammad Javad Bahonar (Prime Minister) on August 30. In accordance with the constitution, a Provisional Presidential Council... Read Full Article:


September, 2, 2003 A.D.:
King Of Jordan Visits Tehran

Abdollah 2, the king of Jordan entered Tehran. President Khatami personally welcomed him during an official salutation ceremony at the Mehrabad airport. King Abdollah's visit came as a surprise because the relations between the two countries were severed after the Islamic Revolution. Ayatollah Khome... Read Full Article:

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