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September, 03

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September, 3, 331 B.C.:
Alexander Reaches Tigris

While Dariush 3 was preparing for the battle in Gaugamela, Alexander and his forces after allowing his men to rest near Carrhae reached Tigris. Meanwhile Mazaeus' army joined forces with Dariush 3 and was sent on ahead to demolish the crop and food resources to make it inconvenient for Alexander, th... Read Full Article:


September, 3, 1090 A.D.:
Hasan Sabbah Captures Alamout

Life of mystic leader Hasan Sabbah and stories behind Alamout Castle have been source of many mysterious stories. Born in Rhagae as a 12 Imam Shia Muslim, Hasan Sabbah adopted Ismailism after his trip to Egypt in 1078 and when he returned to Iran in 1080, he began spreading the word. Ismailism is a ... Read Full Article:


September, 3, 1508 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Appoints Governor Of Khuzestan

Shah Ismail, the founder of the Safavid dynasty appointed Khadem Beyk as the governor of the Khuzestan province. The southern part of Mesopotamia, today's Iraq including Basra were included in the domain of Khadem Beyk without any change to Iran's map of provinces. Ismail's reign was marked by enorm... Read Full Article:


September, 3, 1915 A.D.:
Rais Ali Delvari Assassinated

(Wikipedia) - In World War I, Iran was neutral. In reality, Persian forces were affected by the rivalry between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers and took sides based on the conditions. Western interest in Persia was based on its significant oil reserve and its strategic situation between Afg... Read Full Article:

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