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September, 04

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September, 4, 1063 A.D.:
Seljuk Toghrol Dies

Toghrol Beyk who was the second ruler of the Seljuk dynasty died in Rhagae. After the death of Mahmoud Ghaznavi, he managed to unite Turcoman tribes and defeated Masood, the last ruler of the Ghaznavi dynasty. His campaign in Khorasan began in 1034 and by 1037 he had captured all of the greater Khor... Read Full Article:


September, 4, 1746 A.D.:
Iran-Ottomans Sign A Lasting Peace Treaty

During the last years of Safavid dynasty in Iran, Ottomans were able to annex most of Caucasus and west Iran. Meanwhile, Afghans were able to annex a part of Khorasan. The shah had to appoint Nader Afshar, a Turcoman warlord as his commander in chief. Under Nader’s command Iran was able to regain ... Read Full Article:


September, 4, 1905 A.D.:
Mozaffaroddin Shah Visits Russia

The Qajar king Mozaffaroddin Shah paid a visit to Saint Petersburg. Russian Czar gave a gala dinner at the palace in his majesty's honor in Peterhof. The real reasons behind this visit are unknown but rising tensions against Russian presence in some provinces of Iran might have been an issue on the ... Read Full Article:

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