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September, 07

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September, 7, 610 B.C.:
The War Of Carrhae Episode I

Ashur Uballit 2 who claimed Assyrian kingdom entered an alliance with Egyptian Pharaoh at the price of Palestine and Syria and gathered forces in Carrhae to fight against Babylon. But they could not resist the allied Iran-Babylon forces and retreated to the west of Carrhae. According to an agreement... Read Full Article:


September, 7, 302 A.D.:
Hormazd 2. Becomes King

Hormazd 2 (302-309), son of Narsi becomes new Sassanid king on Sep, 7, 302 A.D.. Hormazd 2. was the eighth Persian king of the Sassanid Empire, and reigned for seven years and five months, from 302 to 309. After his death, his unborn child Shapour 2 was declared king. The queen, while still pregnant... Read Full Article:

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