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October, 05

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October, 5, 401 B.C.:
Battle Of Cunaxa

Cyrus the Younger decided to revolt against his brother Artaxerxes 2 Mnemon. Cyrus was Satrap of Lydia, Cappadocia and Phrygia and chief commander of Asia Minor. It's possible that queen Parysatis was behind this event. On Oct, 5, 401 BC, Cyrus reached Cunaxa 70 km north of Babylon with some 30,000 ... Read Full Article:


October, 5, 579 A.D.:
Syria Taken Back From Romans

In a fierce battle between the Persian and Roman army, Iranians take back Syria causing a heavy toll on the Roman army. On Oct, 6 the count was completed showing 27,000 dead Roman soldiers and 20,000 taken captive. Emperor Justine had been defeated twice before and had appointed General Tiberius as ... Read Full Article:


October, 5, 1978 A.D.:
Kuwait Rejects Ayatollah Khomeini

After 13 years of exile in Iraq, Ayatollah Khomeini's house in Najaf was besieged by the Iraqi police and he was deported from Iraq on Sep, 4, 1978. Despite the fact that Khomeini had obtained a visa to Kuwait, he was denied entrance at the airport due to the fear from Mohammad Reza Shah. He then t... Read Full Article:

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