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October, 20

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October, 20, 494 B.C.:
Ionian Greeks Defeated Off Lade

In summer of 498, Sardes, the capital of the Satrapy of Lydia, was destroyed by revolting Ionian Greeks. Datis, the same Median general who commanded the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, received special rations to make a tour of duty and suppress the Ionian revolt. He commanded a naval action that con... Read Full Article:


October, 20, 1612 A.D.:
Ottomans Offer Peace

Peace came with Ottoman Empire Nov, 20, 1612 after Iranians took back much of the territory lost in 1590 according to the peace treaty of Istanbul. Shah Abbas I of Persia had to concede vast areas in Northwest Iran and Caucasus to the Ottoman Empire by the Treaty of Istanbul in 1590. After solving p... Read Full Article:


October, 20, 1884 A.D.:
Germany Diplomatic Representation In Iran

German foreign policy posits that its policy of constructive engagement is the most effective way to influence another country's behavior. Given this policy perspective, Germany considers the political and economic costs of sanctions to be unacceptably high. In addition to the loss to commercial in... Read Full Article:

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