The Iranian History on this day :

November, 17

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November, 17, 487 A.D.:
King Balash Dethroned

Although general Zarmehr had defeated the fWhite Huns, Balash (Vologases) was cleared off his rights as king and blinded due to his weak position against White Huns. During a secret assembly among the Sassanid nobles and leaders. Ghobad (Kavadh) son of Pirouz was declared king. He then gathered an a... Read Full Article:


November, 17, 1963 A.D.:
Soviet Leader In Tehran

For years Soviet transmitters beamed a propaganda barrage against neighboring Iran, including appeals for insurrection against Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Then Moscow's line became more seductive than destructive. Soviet Chief of State, Leonid L. Brezhnev on a state visit arrived in Tehran on Nov, 1... Read Full Article:


November, 17, 2008 A.D.:
Israel Spy Hanged

Iran hangs an Israeli spy signaling a serious intelligence war. Ali Ashtari, who was arrested in February 2007 for cooperation with Israeli intelligence services; Mossad for three years, was sentenced to death in June and was hanged in Tehran on November 17. He was a 45 year old telecom salesman acc... Read Full Article:

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