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November, 19

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November, 19, 1256 A.D.:
Alamout Surrenders To Hulagu

The last Grand Master of Alamout was Roknoddin who allegedly plotted his father Alaaddin's murder on December 1,1255. Meanwhile Hulagu was continuing his expedition of Persia. He captured some of the most important strongholds of Assassins and the inhabitants were put to death in March 1956. Roknodd... Read Full Article:


November, 19, 1699 A.D.:
The Return Of Mir Weis Khan To Ghandahar

Mir Weis Khan, the leader of one of the Ghilzai clans returned home after visiting the Persian court in Isfahan. The Sunni Pashtun tribes were under constant pressure by the Safavids to convert to Shiite. Mir Weis incited a rebellion against Safavid dynasty to be suppressed by Gurgin Khan; a Georgi... Read Full Article:


November, 19, 1952 A.D.:
Refining The Iranian Judicial System

Prime minister Dr. Mosaddegh believed that in order to have social justice and freedom, it's necessary to have a functioning judicial system and therefore ordered Mr. Lotfi, the minister of justice to clean up the corrupted judicial system. Mosaddegh was himself a graduate from the faculty of law of... Read Full Article:

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