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November, 25

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November, 25, 1072 A.D.:
Alparslan Killed

When Alparslan, the Great Sultan of the Seljuk dynasty decided to march towards Turkestan, a Kharazmian governor named Yusuf defended a fortress by the Oxus river vigorously. But he was defeated against the great Seljuk army and was taken prisoner. When he was brought before the Sultan, he swiftly d... Read Full Article:


November, 25, 1944 A.D.:
Bayat Presents Cabinet

Morteza Gholi Bayat was an Iranian political figure who was very active during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. He continuously became parliament representative from Arak from 4th to 13th term of Majlis and was mostly the deputy of the Majlis speaker. He was a minister both in Soheili and Saed ... Read Full Article:


November, 25, 1950 A.D.:
Majlis Rejects AIOC Agreement

Majlis unanimously rejected the Supplemental Agreement by AIOC as inadequate on Nov, 25, 1950. AIOC was a symbol of western imperialism and political groups on the right and left saw it as their largest barrier to sovereignty and prosperity, and in 1949 Mosaddegh, a member of the Majlis at the time,... Read Full Article:


November, 25, 1997 A.D.:
Questioning Supreme Leader Leads To Protests

Following reports that he had questioned the suitability of the supreme leader, protesters in many cities expressed their allegiance to Ayatollah Khamenei and shouted slogans against the dissident cleric; Ayatollah Montazeri, the state media reported.Born in 1922, Ayatalloh Hosseinali Montazeri was ... Read Full Article:

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