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November, 28

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November, 28, 588 A.D.:
Khaghan Shabeh of China killed

Khaghan of China had invaded Iran with 300,000 soldiers with elephant units and had stationed in Bactra. Hormoz, the Sassanid king gathered military elites in Tisfun. Army general Bahram Chubin was chosen to counter the attack. Bahram gathered 12,000 of his best men, each with 3 horses and headed f... Read Full Article:


November, 28, 1911 A.D.:
Second Russian Ultimatum

Russia gave its first ultimatum to Iran on Nov, 11, 1911 which resulted in resignation of the government. However, Iran's backing up from confiscation of Shoaossaltaneh's properties and an official apology did not satisfy Tzarist Russia. On Nov, 28, 1911 a second ultimatum was given to Iran by which... Read Full Article:


November, 28, 1943 A.D.:
Stalin, Roosevelt And Churchill In Tehran

Despite the fact that Iran had declared neutrality during the WWII, both Russia and British troops invaded Iran from north and south. During this conference, important strategic decisions had been made on the war. The meeting among leaders of Soviet Union, United States, and Britain had been arrange... Read Full Article:


November, 28, 1973 A.D.:
Iran-USSR Air Combat

On November 28, 1973, an RF-4C aircraft piloted by IIAF Major Shokouhnia and USAF Colonel John Saunders engaged a Soviet MiG-21 flown by Captain Gennadii N. Eliseev.The Soviet pilot fired a Vympel K-13 missile at the Iranian aircraft, failing to destroy it. He pressed his attack, attempting to use h... Read Full Article:


November, 28, 1980 A.D.:
Iraqi Navy Paralyzed

Two months after Iraq invaded Iran, the Iranian Navy and Iranian Air Force launched Operation Morvarid against the Iraqi Navy and Air Force on Nov, 28, 1980 which resulted in a victory for Iran and a heavy toll for Iraq:-Destruction of 80% of the Iraqi Navy, early warning bases and SAM sites.-Destru... Read Full Article:

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