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December, 09

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December, 9, 622 A.D.:
Heraclius Defeats The Iranian Army

Bringing the True Cross from Jerusalem to Tisfun had made Christians angry. Roman emperor Heraclius used this occasion to use the gold in churches for mintage and gathered a great army including Turkic Khazar mercenaries. Emperor Heraclius transported his army through the Aegean sea and took the Sas... Read Full Article:


December, 9, 730 A.D.:
Battle Of Ardabil

(Wikipedia) - The Battle of Marj Ardabil or the Battle of Ardabil was a battle fought on the plains surrounding the city of Ardabil in northwestern Iran in 730 CE. The Khazar army led by Barjik, the son of the Khazar khaghan, invaded the Umayyad provinces of Jibal and Azarbaijan in retaliation for C... Read Full Article:


December, 9, 794 A.D.:
Arab Caliph Appoints Iranian Vezir

Harunolrashid, the Abbasi caliph appointed Yahya Barmaki as his Vezir. Knowing the complexities of ruling over a vast empire, Harunolrashid decided to employ an Iranian who was famous for his honesty, and having characteristics of a good manager to take care of affairs of the empire. Although it was... Read Full Article:


December, 9, 1856 A.D.:
Anglo-Persian Wars : Bushehr Resistance

After Iran claimed Herat, the British declared war on Iran on Nov,1, 1956 starting a war that lasted for 17 months. Instead of sending troops to Herat, the British naval forces advanced to the Persian Gulf and taking advantage of their superiority in sea bombed the Bushehr city for several days. The... Read Full Article:


December, 9, 1991 A.D.:
UN Recognizes Responsibility of Iran-Iraq War

(Urdu Movies) - On December 9, 1991, just three weeks before the end of his tenure, the former UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, submitted one of the most important reports he had ever prepared to the UN Security Council. His competence for preparing that report was based on Paragraph 6 ... Read Full Article:

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