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December, 12

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December, 12, 525 A.D.:
The City Of Argan Built

Upon completion of the city built by the order of Ghobad I between Estakhr and Susa, a meeting among noblemen took place in the palace in Tisfun to decide on a name for the city. It was agreed that it won't be appropriate to name it after Ghobad who was still alive, therefore they named it Argan. Th... Read Full Article:


December, 12, 627 A.D.:
Roma Defeats Persia At Neynava

The battle fought in Nineveh was the peak of a series of battles that had started in 622 by the Roman Empire to push back Iranians to their original boundaries. In 602 Khosrau Parviz had begun a long war against the Byzantine Empire and by 619 had conquered almost all southwestern Asia Minor and Egy... Read Full Article:


December, 12, 1925 A.D.:
The Qajar Dynasty Overthrown

Reza Khan had seized power on Oct, 26, 1923 and Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king was forced to exile. On Oct, 31, 1925 Tadayyon, the vice president of Majlis presented a draft to abolish the Qajar Dynasty and choose Reza Khan as the interim head of the state. The draft was approved on Dec, 12, 1925 a... Read Full Article:


December, 12, 1946 A.D.:
Azerbaijan Separatists Busted

After Iran had to accept the infamous Golestan and Turkmenchai agreements with Russia that took away the Kafkas area, Russians named the area on north Azerbaijan; same as the Iranian province and started interfering in the region. Soon a separatist group named Pishevari started armed uprising again... Read Full Article:

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