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December, 21

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December, 21, 1738 B.C.:
Oldest Record Of YALDA

The oldest record of the Yalda night celebrated by Iranians throughout the world dates back to a calendar observed by Iranians who left for India after the Arab invasion. Yalda is the longest night of the year and the next day is believed to be the birth day of the sun also called Daygan. On the Yal... Read Full Article:


December, 21, 233 A.D.:
Zoroastrianism Announced Official State Religion

During Alexander's conquest of Persia, all copies of the holy book Avesta was burned, and the scientific sections that the Greeks could use were dispersed among themselves. Under the reign of King Valax of the Arsacid Dynasty, an attempt was made to restore the Avesta but Hellenism was practiced des... Read Full Article:

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