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December, 22

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December, 22, 247 A.D.:
Tirdad Ascends The Throne

Tirdad I the second Iranian king from Parthians ascends the throne in the city of Damghan. During his coronation ceremony King Tirdad makes a pledge to the people to not rest until the last Seleucid is thrown into the Mediterranean Sea. Same day, Tirdad sent forces to Hyrcania to punish the ruler wh... Read Full Article:


December, 22, 1920 A.D.:
Armitage Settles Iran-Britain Disputes

First disagreements between Iran and Britain arose during the World War I. In Feb, 1915, German and Turkish spies, with the help of some tribal bandits in Khuzestan province plotted bombs that cut oil the oil flow resulting in some damages to British interests. According to D'Arcy Agreement's item #... Read Full Article:


December, 22, 2009 A.D.:
Shiraz Biogas Power Plant Operational

(Wikipedia) - In accordance with stable global development, special role has been assigned to renewable resources of energy in international plans and policies, Iran Renewable Energy Organization (SUNA) has been working on this issue since 1995 in order to achieve updated information and technology ... Read Full Article:

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