The year 479 B.C.

in the Iranian History

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February, 4, 479 B.C.:
Xerxes Pardons Jews For Esther

A hero to one nation may well be a sucker to another; and that's the case for Alexander the Great. After the battle of Gaugamela, Dariush 3d retreated to Ecbatana on Oct, 4, 331 B.C. to re-arrange a new army. However uprisings started all over the kingdom. Alexander conquered Babylon and Susa easily... Read Full Article:


August, 27, 479 B.C.:
The Battle Of Mycale

After an alliance between Greeks and Spartans, many Ionian cities began revolting. Sacking of Athens was marked as "mission accomplished" as punishment for Greeks, but Xerxes rushed back to deal with revolts in Egypt and Babylon leaving behind his general Mardonius in charge. There was not a clear s... Read Full Article:

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After Athens was captured, Xerxes was assured of a decisive victory and retreated to deal with an uprising in Babylon. He left general Mardonius in charge of occupied territories. Although Mardonius was a great general, he was weak in terms of politics and could not restore the order for a long time... Read Full Article:


October, 21, 479 B.C.:
The Battle Of Amos

Only a year after the battle of Salamis which ended with great damage, the Iranian navy entrapped three rows of Greek battleships in the Cape of Mikail near the Amos Island and destroyed all units while taking some of the Greek officers captive in order to be interrogated on their tactics. This even... Read Full Article:

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