The year 490 B.C.

in the Iranian History

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August, 7, 490 B.C.:
Persians Land At Marathon

Dariush had sent two of his generals Artaphernes and Datis on an expedition to add the Aegean islands to the empire and thus preventing Ionians which had revolted in 499 from contacting their Greek motherland. Naxos was added to the empire and the Persian army seized Delos almost immediately and on ... Read Full Article:


August, 12, 490 B.C.:
Persians Leave Marathon

The Iranian expeditionary force, leaded by Datis and Artaphernes first gathered on Cilicia in the spring of 490 BC. They sailed to Samos and then to Naxos. where the Naxians fled to the mountains. They sailed across the Cyclades islands and then for Carystus on the south coast of Euboea, which quick... Read Full Article:

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