The year 522 B.C.

in the Iranian History

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March, 11, 522 B.C.:
Gaumata Revolts Or Was He Bardia?

Cambyses had a reign full of speculations. Some historians say he married his own sister Atoosa, assassinated his own brother Bardia, killed the sacred Apis bull of Egypt, burnt the body of Amasis 2, and committed suicide in 522 BC; to this account he was mentally sick. On the other hand it's certai... Read Full Article:


July, 1, 522 B.C.:
Smerdis Proclaims King

When Cambyses was conquering Egypt, someone calling himself Smerdis claiming to be his brother rebelled and proclaimed king. His rule started on March, 11 and on July, 1st he formally became king. He was killed however by Dariush in Sikayauvati in Media on Sep, 29. One possible cause Smerdis quickly... Read Full Article:


September, 29, 522 B.C.:
The Coup Against Gaumata

Dariush, the son of Hystaspes together with six noblemen; Otanes, Gobryas, Intaphrenes, Hydarnes, Megabyzus, and Ardumanis entered the palace and according to a sophisticated plan they had made, they succeeded in a coup against Gaumata and assassinated him. They charged that Gaumata who claimed to b... Read Full Article:


October, 3, 522 B.C.:
Nebuchadnezzar 2. Proclaims King

Nidintu-Bel proclaimed king of Babylon. Claiming to be the son of Nabonidus, the last king before Babylon lost its independence, and called himself Nebu Chadnezzar 3. This happened right after Dariush suppressed a serious uprising by Gaumata. Without hesitation, Dariush advanced to Babylon with his ... Read Full Article:


December, 13, 522 B.C.:
Dariush Defeats Nidintu-Bel

Nidintu-Bel claimed to be Nebu Chadnezzar son of Nabonidus. Nebu Chadnezzar 3's name was first mentioned in a letter written in Oct, 3, 522 only 4 days after Gaumata was killed. The empire was in a chaos. To suppress this rebellion Dariush himself leaded an army using the advantage of having a full-... Read Full Article:


December, 29, 522 B.C.:
Vivana Breaks The Siege In Kapisa

Vivana was the Persian Satrap of Arachosia appointed by King Cambyses. Arachosia was a prosperous Satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire along the Tarnak River on the road to the Indus valley. During the rebels after the death of Cambyses, a usurper named Smerdis seized power in Achaemenid Empire. Vivana... Read Full Article:


December, 31, 522 B.C.:
Vaumisa Suppressed Armenian Rebellion

After Dariush proclaimed king, revolts began in every corner of the Persian Empire; the most important of which was the revolt of Median king Phraortes whose rebellion spread to Parthia and Armenia. Persian general Vaumisa was appointed as the commander of one of the two armies to suppress the Armen... Read Full Article:

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