The year 1946 A.D.

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January, 5, 1946 A.D.:
Tripartite Commission For Persian Affairs

B.B.C. announced that Reader Bullard asked Iran to accept formation of a Tripartite Commission among U.K., U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. in order to discuss Iran's affairs, specially trouble in Azerbaijan where a separatist group declared independence. The reason behind formation of such a commission was to r... Read Full Article:


January, 11, 1946 A.D.:
Soviets Flame Separatism In Kurdistan

In March 1945, several Iranian Gendarmerie units were killed near Mahabad and additional troops were deployed from Tehran. Soviet occupation did not let the Iranian army proceed through southern Kurdistan. They suggested that troops be deployed from Tabriz. Their aim was to weaken Iranian military p... Read Full Article:


January, 20, 1946 A.D.:
Prime Minister Hakimi Resigns

After the end of the World War II, the Allied Powers did not want to end their occupation of Iran. Ebrahim Hakimi was forced to resign on Jan, 20, 1946. When he presented the Tripartite Commission offer to the parliament, the representatives were united against a new British scenario that was taking... Read Full Article:


March, 7, 1946 A.D.:
Moscow To End Occupation

Iranian negotiators headed by prime minister Ghavamossaltaneh return from Moscow empty-handed. He arrived in Moscow on Feb, 19 to resolve the issue that arose with presence of Red Army. On Nov, 26, 1945, the Bolsheviks that prevented Iranian military from reaching the Kurdistan and Azerbaijan provin... Read Full Article:


March, 11, 1946 A.D.:
Historian Ahmad Kasravi murdered

The famous Iranian historian Ahmad Kasravi and his assistant were stabbed to death at the Tehran courtyard. A plea by clerics against Kasravi was being proceeded when two of members of an extremist Islamic group attacked him with knives. On July, 17, 1951, Navvab Safavi and 3 other fellow members th... Read Full Article:


April, 23, 1946 A.D.:
Red Army Says Farewell!

(NLAI) - On April, 23, 1946, a goodbye letter from the military command of the Soviet Union officially ended the occupation of parts of Iran by the Red Army. This leaflet, registered as document #102007-10026 with the National Library and Archives of Iran started with a quote and a photo of Stalin. ... Read Full Article:


April, 28, 1946 A.D.:
Pishevari Arrives In Tehran

Jafar Pishevari, the leader of the Democrat Party arrived in Tehran as the head of the Independent Azerbaijan government for negotiations with Ghavamossaltaneh on April, 28, 1946. Following a declaration signed by Ghavamossaltaneh and Ivan Sadchikov in April, 4, 1946, on Apr, 22, in a official decla... Read Full Article:


July, 14, 1946 A.D.:
Abadan Workers On Strike

The workers of the oil industry went on a strike in Abadan. Despite the military curfew, the strike went on for 3 days. The protesters clashed with the police forces who wanted to disperse the protests. These encounters created bloody scenes. Two Arab contractors were reported dead and some of the B... Read Full Article:


October, 17, 1946 A.D.:
Toodeh Becomes Democrat Party

Toodeh Party announced its dissolution in favor of the Azerbaijan Democrat Party, a separatist group supported by USSR. The separatist party's declaration on Sep, 3, asked for independence of Azerbaijan. The leaders of this party were actually the old communists of the Toodeh Party who were forced t... Read Full Article:


December, 12, 1946 A.D.:
Azerbaijan Separatists Busted

After Iran had to accept the infamous Golestan and Turkmenchai agreements with Russia that took away the Kafkas area, Russians named the area on north Azerbaijan; same as the Iranian province and started interfering in the region. Soon a separatist group named Pishevari started armed uprising again... Read Full Article:

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