The year 420 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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May, 12, 420 A.D.:
War Starts With Romans

Theodosius II the Roman emperor started a war with Iranians that lasted for 2 years. Before the war, the best Roman garrison was appointed to seize Derafsh Kaviani in order to demoralize the Iranian soldiers but all attempts failed. The flag was 50x70 centimeters, On top there's Farvahar, embossed f... Read Full Article:


November, 18, 420 A.D.:
Bahram 5. Proclaims King

Bahram 5th also known as Bahram Goor proclaimed kingdom nine days after his father Yazdgerd was accidentally killed by a horse-kick. Bahram V was the fourteenth Sassanid King (421–438).Iranian nobles, mostly clergymen did not want him as king because 1. his father gave freedom of religion to all f... Read Full Article:

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