The year 632 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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March, 19, 632 A.D.:
Prophet Mohammad Appoints Successor

On his way back from his last Hajj pilgrimage, Prophet Mohammad ordered a gathering at Khom, an oasis 64 km from Mecca, on the way back to Medina. He made a speech in which he appointed his cousin Imam Ali as his successor. Although both Shiite and Sunni sources accept the event, the latter interpre... Read Full Article:


June, 16, 632 A.D.:
Yazdgerd 3.Ascends The Throne

Yazdgerd 3 was the 35th and the last king of the Sassanid Dynasty. His father was Shahriar whose mother was Miriam, the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Maurice. Yazdgerd 3 was the grandson of Khosrau Parviz and Shirin. Yazdgerd 3 ascended the throne on June, 16 632 at the age of 21, after a series... Read Full Article:

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