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    Arkha was the son of an Armenian named Haldita Arkha claimed to be Nebu Chadnezzar, the son of Nabonidus, last king of the independent Babylon.Dariush the Great says in the Behistun Inscription: While I was in Persia and Media, again a second time the Babylonians became rebellious from me. One man named Arkha, an Armenian, son of Haldita - he rose up in Babylon. A district named Dubala - from there he thus lied to the people: "I am Nebu Chadnezzar the son of Nabonidus." Thereupon the Babylonian people became rebellious from me, (and) went over to that Arkha. He seized Babylon; he became king in Babylon. Thereupon I sent forth an army to Babylon. A Persian named Intaphernes, my subject - him I made chief of them. Thus I said to them: "Go forth; that Babylonian army smite, which shall not call itself mine!" Thereupon Intaphernes with the army marched off to Babylon. Ahuramazda bore me aid; by the favor of Ahuramazda Intaphernes smote the Babylonians and led them in bonds; of the month Varkazana 22 days were past -- then that Arkha who falsely called himself Nebuchadrezzar and the men who were his foremost followers he took prisoner. I issued an order: this Arkha and the men who were his foremost followers were impaled at Babylon. (Wikipedia) - Arkha Arkha अर्खा Country Region Zone District VDC Population (2001 Census)  • Total   Time zone
    Village Development Committee
    Coordinates: 28°16′N 83°04′E / 28.27°N 83.07°E / 28.27; 83.07
    Rapti Zone
    Pyuthan District
    581 households
    Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

    Arkha is a Village Development Committee in Pyuthan, a Middle Hills district of Rapti Zone, western Nepal.

    Villages in VDC Ward Lat. Lon Elev.
    Artubang अर्टुबाङ 9 28°15''N 83°02''E 1,625m
    Banyachaur बाँयचौर 28°16''N 83°04''E 1,670
    Bas बास 28°17''N 83°04''E 2,058
    Besiban बेसिबन 28°16''N 83°04''E 1,788
    Bhande Khoriya भाँडे खोरिया 28°15''N 83°04''E 2,030
    Bhulke भुल्के 28°15''N 83°05''E 2,199
    Damremela दाम्रेमेला 28°15''N 83°05''E 2,120
    Dandagaun डाँडागाउँ 28°16''N 83°04''E 1,790
    Dhungmang ढुङमाङ 28°16''N 83°05''E 2,031
    Galangchhang गलाङछाङ 28°15''N 83°04''E 1,858
    Harji हर्जी 28°16''N 83°05''E 2,145
    Lamadanda लामाडाँडा 28°16''N 83°03''E 1,540
    Lamagaun लामागाउँ 28°15''N 83°03''E 1,890
    Lekhachhar लेखाछार 28°17''N 83°03''E 2,170
    Lujbang लुजबाङ 28°17''N 83°03''E 1,750
    Majuwa मजुवा 28°16''N 83°03''E 1,470
    Mathillo sungure माथिल्लो सुङ्गुरे 28°17''N 83°05''E 2,270
    Painyapata पैंयापाटा 6 28°16''N 83°04''E 1,670
    Patal पातल 28°15''N 83°03''E 2125
    Pokhari Bhitta पोखरी भिट्टा 28°15''N 83°03''E 1,975
    Rangjung राङजुङ 28°15''N 83°05''E 1,965
    Sagbari सागबारी 28°16''N 83°05''E 1,942
    Saura सौरा 28°16''N 83°03''E 1,530
    Sebini सेबिनी 28°15''N 83°03''E 2,070
    Sokhu सोखु 28°17''N 83°05''E 2,021
    Sungure सुङ्गुरे 28°16''N 83°04''E 1,750
    Thatrapatal थात्रापातल 28°15''N 83°03''E 1,818
    Thula Kharka ठूला खर्क 28°15''N 83°02''E 1,290
    Thulo Chaur ठूलो चौर 1 28°17''N 83°04''E 1,670

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