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    (Wikipedia) - List of diplomatic missions of the United Kingdom   (Redirected from British Embassy)
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    Diplomatic missions of the United Kingdom • Embassies and High Commissions. • Consulates-General, Consulates and Liaison Offices • Other diplomatic missions

    This is a list of diplomatic missions of the United Kingdom, excluding honorary consulates. The United Kingdom has one of the largest global network of diplomatic missions. British diplomatic missions to other capitals of other Commonwealth countries are known as High Commissions (headed by ''High Commissioners''). For three Commonwealth countries, (namely India, Nigeria, and Pakistan) the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) still uses the term ''Deputy High Commission'' for Consulates-General (headed by Deputy High Commissioners), although this terminology is being phased out.

    In 2004, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) carried out a review of the deployment of its diplomatic missions, and subsequently over a two-year period closed its missions in Nassau in the Bahamas, Asunción in Paraguay, Dili in East Timor, Maseru in Lesotho, Mbabane in Swaziland, Antananarivo in Madagascar, Nukuʻalofa in Tonga, Tarawa in Kiribati, and Port Vila in Vanuatu. Additionally several consulates and trade offices were also closed, including those in Fukuoka in Japan, Vientiane in Laos, Douala in Cameroon, Porto in Portugal, along with Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Stuttgart in Germany, and Phoenix, San Juan, and Dallas in the United States. Other consulates in Australia, Germany, France, Spain, New Zealand, and the United States were downgraded and staffed by local personnel only. In 2012, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the opening of an embassy in Liberia, and Haiti, the re-opening of embassies in Laos, El Salvador and Paraguay and a Consulate-General in Recife, Brazil. He also said that by 2015, the UK would have opened up to eleven new embassies and eight new Consulates or Trade Offices.

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    •  Algeria
    •  Angola
      • Luanda (Embassy)
    •  Botswana
      • Gaborone (High Commission)
    •  Burundi
      • Bujumbura (Embassy Liaison Office)
    •  Cameroon
      • Yaoundé (High Commission)
    •  Democratic Republic of the Congo
      • Kinshasa (Embassy)
    •  Côte d''Ivoire
      • Abidjan (Embassy)
    •  Egypt
    •  Eritrea
      • Asmara (Embassy)
    •  Ethiopia
      • Addis Ababa (Embassy)
    •  Gambia
      • Banjul (High Commission)
    •  Ghana
      • Accra (High Commission)
    •  Guinea
      • Conakry (Embassy)
    •  Kenya
      • Nairobi (High Commission)
    •  Liberia
      • Monrovia (Embassy)
    •  Libya
      • Tripoli (Embassy)
      • Benghazi (Liaison Office)
    •  Madagascar
      • Antananarivo (Embassy)
    •  Malawi
      • Lilongwe (High Commission)
    •  Mali
      • Bamako (Embassy Liaison Office)
    •  Mauritius
      • Port Louis (High Commission)
    •  Morocco
      • Rabat (Embassy)
      • Casablanca (Consulate-General)
    •  Mozambique
      • Maputo (High Commission)
    •  Namibia
      • Windhoek (High Commission)
    •  Nigeria
      • Abuja (High Commission)
      • Lagos (Deputy High Commission)
      • Kaduna (High Commission Liaison Office)
      • Ibadan (Liaison Office)
      • Port Harcourt (High Commission Liaison Office)
    •  Rwanda
      • Kigali (High Commission)
    •  Senegal
      • Dakar (Embassy)
    •  Seychelles
      • Victoria (High Commission)
    •  Sierra Leone
      • Freetown (High Commission)
    •  Somalia
      • Mogadishu (Embassy)
    •  South Africa
      • Pretoria (High Commission)
      • Cape Town (Consulate-General)
      • Johannesburg (Trade & Investment Office)
      • Durban (Trade & Investment Office)
    •  South Sudan
      • Juba (Embassy)
    •  Sudan
    •  Tanzania
      • Dar es Salaam (High Commission)
    •  Tunisia
      • Tunis (Embassy)
    •  Uganda
      • Kampala (High Commission)
    •  Zambia
      • Lusaka (High Commission)
    •  Zimbabwe
      • Harare (Embassy)
    •  Argentina
    •  Barbados
      • Bridgetown (High Commission)British High Commission in Bridgetown
    •  Belize
      • Belmopan (High Commission)
    •  Bolivia
      • La Paz (Embassy)
    •  Brazil
      • Brasília (Embassy)
      • Recife (Consulate-General)
      • Rio de Janeiro (Consulate-General)
      • São Paulo (Consulate-General)British Consulate in São Paulo
      • Porto Alegre (Commercial Office)
    •  Canada
      • Ottawa (High Commission)British High Commission in Ottawa
      • Montreal (Consulate-General)
      • Toronto (Consulate-General)
      • Vancouver (Consulate-General)
    •  Chile
      • Santiago (Embassy)
    •  Colombia
      • Bogotá (Embassy)
    •  Costa Rica
      • San José (Embassy)
    •  Cuba
    •  Dominican Republic
      • Santo Domingo (Embassy)
    •  Ecuador
    •  El Salvador
      • San Salvador (Embassy)
    •  Guatemala
      • Guatemala City (Embassy)
    •  Guyana
    •  Haiti
      • Port-au-Prince (Embassy)
    •  Jamaica
      • Kingston (High Commission)
    •  MexicoBritish Embassy in Mexico City
      • Mexico City (Embassy)
    •  Panama
      • Panama City (Embassy)
    •  Paraguay
      • Asuncion (Embassy)
    •  Peru
      • Lima (Embassy)
    •  Saint Lucia
      • Castries (High Commission)
    •  Trinidad and Tobago
      • Port of Spain (High Commission)
    •  United States
      • Washington, D.C. (Embassy)British Embassy in Washington, D.C.
      • Atlanta (Consulate-General)
      • Boston (Consulate-General)
      • Chicago (Consulate-General)
      • Denver (Consulate-General)
      • Houston (Consulate-General)
      • Los Angeles (Consulate-General)
      • Miami (Consulate-General)
      • New York (Consulate-General)
      • San Francisco (Consulate-General)
      • Seattle (UK government office)
    •  Uruguay
      • Montevideo (Embassy)
    •  Venezuela
    AsiaBritish Embassy in BeijingBritish Consulate-General in Hong KongBritish Embassy in Tel AvivBritish Embassy in TokyoBritish Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City EuropeEmbassy of the United Kingdom in Moscow.
    •  Albania
      • Tirana (Embassy)
    •  Austria
    •  Belarus
    •  Belgium
    •  Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Sarajevo (Embassy)
      • Banja Luka (Embassy office)
    •  Bulgaria
    •  Croatia
    •  Czech RepublicEmbassy of the United Kingdom, Prague
      • Prague (Embassy)
    •  Denmark
    •  Estonia
    •  FinlandBritish Embassy in Helsinki
      • Helsinki (Embassy)
    •  FranceBritish Embassy in Paris
      • Paris (Embassy)
      • Bordeaux (Consulate)
      • Marseille (Consulate)
      • Lyon (British Trade & Investment Office)
    •  Georgia
    •  GermanyBritish Embassy in Berlin
      • Berlin (Embassy)
      • Düsseldorf (Consulate-General)
      • Munich (Consulate-General)
    •  Greece
      • Athens (Embassy)
      • Thessaloniki (Consulate)
      • Heraklion (Consulate)
    •  Holy See
    •  HungaryBritish Embassy in Budapest
      • Budapest (Embassy)
    •  IcelandBuilding of the British and the German Embassy in Reykjavík
      • Reykjavík (Embassy)
    •  Ireland
      • Dublin (Embassy)
    •  ItalyBritish Embassies to the Holy See, to Italy and to the UN Organizations in Rome
      • Rome (Embassy)
      • Milan (Consulate-General)
      • Naples (Consulate)
    •  Kosovo
      • Pristina (Embassy)
    •  Latvia
      • Riga (Embassy)
    •  Lithuania
      • Vilnius (Embassy)
    •  Luxembourg
      • Luxembourg (Embassy)
    •  Macedonia
      • Skopje (Embassy)
    •  Malta
      • Valletta (High Commission)
    •  Moldova
      • Chișinău (Embassy)
    •  Montenegro
      • Podgorica (Embassy)
    •  Netherlands
    •  Norway
    •  Poland
    •  Portugal
      • Lisbon (Embassy)
      • Portimão (Consulate)
    •  Romania
      • Bucharest (Embassy)
    •  Russia
      • Moscow (Embassy)
      • Ekaterinburg (Consulate-General)
      • Saint Petersburg (Consulate-General)
    •  Serbia
    •  SlovakiaBritish Embassy in Bratislava
      • Bratislava (Embassy)
    •  Slovenia
      • Ljubljana (Embassy)
    •  Spain
      • Madrid (Embassy)
      • Barcelona (Consulate-General)
      • Alicante (Consulate)
      • Bilbao (Consulate)
      • Málaga (Consulate)
      • Palma de Mallorca (Consulate)
      • Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Consulate)
      • Ibiza (Consulate)
      • Las Palmas (Consulate)
      • Tenerife (Consulate)
    •  Sweden
    •   Switzerland
      • Bern (Embassy)
    •  Ukraine
    •  AustraliaBritish High Commission in Canberra
      • Canberra (High Commission)
      • Melbourne (Consulate-General)
      • Sydney (Consulate-General)
      • Brisbane (Consulate)
      • Perth (Consulate)
    •  Fiji
      • Suva (High Commission)
    •  New ZealandBritish High Commission in Wellington
      • Wellington (High Commission)
      • Auckland (Consulate-General)
    •  Papua New Guinea
    •  Solomon Islands
      • Honiara (High Commission)
    Multilateral organisations
    • Brussels (permanent representation to the European Union)
    • Brussels (permanent representation to the NATO)
    • Brussels (Delegation to the Western European Union)
    • Geneva (mission to the office of the United Nations)
    • Geneva (permanent representation to the Conference on Disarmament)
    • The Hague (representation to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)
    • Manila (representation to the Asian Development Bank)
    • Montreal (representation to the International Civil Aviation Organisation)
    • Nairobi (Mission to UNCHS)
    • Nairobi (Mission to United Nations Environment Programme)
    • New York (delegation to the United Nations)
    • Paris (delegations to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
    • Paris (delegations to the UNESCO)
    • Rome (representation to the United Nations agencies: Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Programme and IFAD)
    • Strasbourg (permanent representative to the European Union)
    • Strasbourg (delegation to the Council of Europe)
    • Tunis (representation to the African Development Bank)
    • Vienna (mission to the United Nations)
    • Vienna (delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
    • Washington, D.C. (representation to the Inter-American Development Bank)
    • Washington, D.C. (delegations to the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
    FlagsFlag used on British Embassies.

    The United Kingdom is one of two countries, the other being Thailand, that use diplomatic flags abroad. These special flags are flown on their embassy and consulate buildings. In addition, there is a flag in use for British consular vessels in international or foreign waters.

    Flag Use Description
    Flag used on British Embassies A Union Flag defaced with the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom
    Flag used on British High Commissions High Commissions fly the Union Flag
    Flag used on British consulates A Union Jack defaced with the Royal Crown
    Flag used onboard British consular vessels A blue ensign with the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom

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