The Iranian History 44 BC


Caesars Assassination Relieves Iranians

Mar, 15, 44 BC

Toy Persian Chariot7 days to Norooz celebrations, the news of Caesar's assassination in the Senate relieved Iranians because they were preparing for an attack from Caesar's army as a revenge for the defeat 7 years earlier when general Surena had crushed Roman army leaded by Crassus in the famous Battle of Carrhae. (Updated: Nov, 30, 2007)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Assassination : سوء قصد Media_Files
  • Carrhae : کرهه(Harran,Oshroene) حران Media_Files
  • Crassus : کراسوس
  • Surena : سورنا(Sorena,Sourena) Media_Files
  • Senate : سنا(House of Senate,House of Lords) مجلس سنا،کاخ شنا Media_Files
  • Norooz : نوروز(Nowrooz,Noruz,Nevruz,Nawruz) Media_Files
  • Caesar : سزار-قيصر
  • Roman : رومي Media_Files

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